The Not Human Sound System is a one of it's kind piece of acoustic engineering. It offers a truly immersive sound experience from breathtaking bass frequencies to crystal clear heights. 

Not Human built this system completely by themselves to make their vision of a perfect sound system without any compromises come true. It fits perfectly to the needs of electronic music and is designed to redefine the state of the art in sound quality for this kind of music.



NHS18 Subwoofer


  • Driver: 18"
  • Operating Band: 25-120 Hz
  • Efficiency: 106dB 1w/1m
  • Power: 900W rms
  • Verfügbare Anz.: 4 Stk


                                                                                              50, - 

NHT112 Top


  • Drivers: 12" & 1"
  • Operating Band: 120-20.000Hz
  • Efficiency: 113dB 1w/1m
  • Power: 380W rms
  • Verfügbare Anz: 2 Stk


                                                                                              40, - 



  • DSP
  • Amp for HF
  • Amp for MF
  • Amp for LF
  • Patchbay
  • Power supply
  • Verfügbare Anz.: 1 Stk





  • Germany (NRW), Belgium and the Netherlands