Berlin, Germany

Booking contact: Stany Nyssen

MAR is a young and upcoming DJ currently living in Berlin. She was raised in Aachen, where she started to discover her passion for electronic music and the scene. For her studies she lived in Trier and began to turn the turntables herself in 2020.


Since the beginning of 2022 MAR has been DJing in Clubs and at events in several cities like Berlin, Cologne, Kiel, Aachen, Trier & Münster. 

As a resident at ATARAXIA Berlin she is regularly standing behind the decks at Humboldthain Club in Berlin.

The Not Human Collective, based in her hometown Aachen, signed her in 2022 as a newcomer artist. 


Musically influenced by groove, hardgroove and trance she is serving high energy in each of her sets. Her passion for different genres and the electronic music scene can be sensed by the crowd as she often is part of it privately. Her goal is to create a carefree safe space on the dancefloor driven by energy and her well curated track selection.